General Checklist

The collection of forensic evidence starts once the crime scene is thoroughly documented and evidences are carefully noted. The collection of circumstantial evidence begins usually with the collection of most fragile, most contaminated and easily lost evidences. The evidence collected from the crime scene will be bagged in paper packets, envelopes and plastic zipper packet. The liquid samples can be transported in non-breakable, leak proof containers. Large quantity of powders recovered from the place of occurrence can be carried out in a plastic bag / packet.

All the evidence collected from crime scene will be labeled carefully mentioning: colleting person's name, date, time, complete description of the evidence and its whereabouts.

The following points should be kept in mind while packing the exhibits before sending to FSL-

  • The exhibits contained in the package should not be damaged by knocking against each other, and be properly padded with cotton / thermocol / waste paper.
  • Each exhibit / article should be separately packed and labelled so that their identities are maintained.
  • The packing should be secured to avoid contamination. Any items that could cross contaminate each other will be packed separately.
  • All the individual exhibits belonging to the same case should be packed in a box in a form of parcel. Packets of exhibits belonging to different cases should be packed in separate parcels.
  • The container where the exhibits will be bagged, should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before packing
  • The container should be strong and well capped to avoid damage during transit or spilling off contents of exhibits.
  • The exhibits packed separately in a single parcel should be numbered and bear the case reference, deceased name, PM number, Police Station, signature and seal.
  • The exhibit should be sent to FSL with all the necessary documents related to examination.

Requisition for forensic examination should come through West Bengal Form No. 5203 prescribed for the purpose.

  • It should bear the P.S. Case No, Date, Section of Law and nature of the crime including brief history of the case.
  • List of the exhibits sent for examination
  • Nature of the examination required
  • Particulars of persons in custody
  • It should have the endorsement of I.O. and the forwarding authority i.e., Judicial Magistrate/Medical Officers/S.D.O./ Magistrate/Dy. C.P. with rubber stamp impression of designations and legible authenticated specimen lac seal affixed on it including a certificate signed by the forwarding authority empowering the Director, FSL to take any portion or whole of the exhibits for the purpose of examination.

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